Ghost Train Haze

Genetics: Neville’s Haze x Trainwreck x Ghost OG
Breeders: Rare Dankness
Accolades: 2016 High Times US Cannabis Cup Winner Best Sativa, 2019 Eugene BudFest Best Sativa Winner, 2019 Oregon High Times 2nd Place Best Sativa

Ghost Train Haze is a sativa heavy strain perfect for the daytime. GTH is one of our more special strains that we cultivate. The smell of pine sol fills the users nostrils upon first inhale from the jar. The taste is citrusy and piney similar to a citrusy IPA. Consuming will make users feel social, energetic and uplifted.

Curious Jorge #7

Genetics: Banana Kush x Loud Sour
Breeders: Pollen Nation
Accolades: 2018 Eugene Budfest Best Hybrid Winner

CJ is a heavy hitting hybrid that can humble users. The smell of CJ is of bananas with hints of tropical notes. The taste is earthy with hints of banana. Consuming this strain is perfect for a lazy day to kick back and relax.

Big Nasty Kush

Genetics: Skywalker OG x Rare Dankness #22
Breeders: Unknown
Accolades: 2016 High Times US Cannabis cup Best Hybrid Winner

BNK is a heavy hitting hybrid. If you enjoy skunky/diesely strains, then Big Nasty Kush is the one for you. This strain is a pungent one that will smell the room up. The taste is very similar to the smell and can leave users very relaxed and uplifted.

Hells OG

Genetics: OG Kush x Blackberry Kush
Breeders: Unknown

Hell’s OG is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing a blackberry and OG Kush strain. This is a very potent strain, which can lead to a very heavy high. Hell’s OG smell resembles diesel with a hint of sour fruit. Smoking Hell’s can leave the user sedated, relaxed and euphoric.

Blue Dream

Genetics: Blueberry x Haze
Breeders: Unknown

Blue Dream is a classic sativa hybrid that balances relaxation with a leveled head-high. Novice and veteran consumers alike enjoy the effects of Blue Dream, which create a calming and euphoric feeling. The taste of blueberries with hints of earthiness will satisfy those who enjoy berry or fruitier strains.

Orange Creamsicle

Genetics: Orange Crush x Juicy Fruit
Breeders: MTG

Orange Creamsicle is a mostly sativa hybrid that can leave the user focused, relaxed and able to complete tasks throughout the day. This strain is very citrusy that tastes just as it smells, like orange slices.


Genetics: LA Confidential x OG Kush
Breeders: Unknown
Accolades: 2016 High Times US Cannabis Cup 3rd place winner best indica

Louise is a heavy hitting Indica that can leave users sedated and can help with inflammation. This strain This is another pungent earthy/diesel smelling strain that will please the OG kush lovers.

Lemon Lava

Genetics: Lemon Heads x Lava Cake
Breeders: Phinest

Lemon Lava is quite a unique hybrid. The smell of this strain can resemble lemon with a hint of pepper. This strain brings the best of both worlds together ensuring users have a nice balanced high. Lemon lava is sure to satisfy consumers looking for a citrusy/sweeter strain.

Ice Cream Cake

Genetics: Wedding Cake x Gelato 33
Breeders: Seed Junky Genetics

Ice Cream Cake is an indica-dominant strain. This strain is absolutely covered in trichomes and has an earthy and creamy scent and taste. Consuming Ice cream cake will leave those satisfied with its uplifting and relaxation effects.

Molten Melon

Genetics: Watermelon Kush x Lava Cake
Breeders: Phinest

Molten Melon is a very sweet and tasty hybrid perfect for anytime of the day. As users examine the bud, they will notice the strain glistens with trichomes, and will be overwhelmed by a smell similar to watermelon sour patch kids. Molten melon is another unique strain we feel will delight those looking for something new.