It is our pleasure to provide high quality indoor grown cannabis for the state of Oregon. Operating in Southeast Portland, we provide cultivars from a variety of breeders. Because of the ever-changing preferences of consumer taste, we strive to cultivate unique and connoisseur quality cannabis to provide consumers with a diverse palate of strains. We are known for growing high time cup winners such as Ghost Train Haze, Big Nasty Kush, and Louise. As of now, we are currently growing well over 50 cultivars and continue to expand our garden for the state of Oregon. As we continue to grow and more people consume our flower, we hope to continue to provide consistently high quality cannabis for all.

The distinguishing difference from of our flower begins with the soil we use, the knowledge of our growers and our curing process. Our soil is organic and is custom made specifically for our grow team. We have been using this mix since we have begun cultivating in Oregon and has proven to help grow consistently high quality cannabis. The knowledge of our growers helps us ensure that our products will always be consistent in quality and mold, disease and pest free. All of our cannabis has passed all lab-testing regulations and we continue to strive to do so. Lastly, our curing process helps us create a unique difference to our flower. Without a great cure for your flower, the end product will be bland in smell and taste. Since we care about the end product of our cannabis, we dry and cure our cannabis for as long as 2-4 weeks in a room specific for this process. We have optimized the temperature and humidity levels in the room to a setting best for curing. Because of this, this gives each of our cultivars a distinctive smell and taste to satisfy the varying preferences from each customer.