Phresh Cannabis, Cultivators of Cannabis Cup Winning Cultivars

2016 U.S. Cannabis Cup & Carnival Winners
The Winners of the 2019 Oregon Cannabis Cup

At Phresh Cannabis, we make it our priority to supply customers with a variety of cannabis products, while providing quality service and hospitality. It is in our best interest to ensure each customer is provided with knowledge, recommendations or preferences from any cannabis product provided in our store to ensure each customer is satisfied. Phresh Cannabis has been serving the community of Forest Grove, Oregon since 2016. At our shops, we provide many cannabis products and supply our own flower. We are one of few cannabis shops that cultivate their own flower and sell out of the jar, giving off a sense of being at a brewpub. Although we currently only have one store location, we are expecting to expand into the city of Portland with the acquisition of another store and are looking at opportunities in other cities and states. We look forward to providing our services and flower to current and phresh new customers.